Through increasing access to information and global trends, we are becoming significantly more aware of our minds and bodies —our health and wellness. We are becoming more proactive in our health, and less reactive.

There has been a surge of new sports and activities, rising up to meet our demand, pulling an increasing amount of people from all walks of life into this active lifestyle.

Where traditionally we just watched national sports, we now take part in more niche sports. Many of us have pulled ourselves off that proverbial couch, inspired and motivated to run our first 5km’s; to earn a black belt, to partake in an IMPI challenge!

Most of us aspire to be a better version of ourselves —to be, stronger, faster, leaner. We set ourselves goals we dare to believe we can achieve! With that type of mindset and determination, we push our bodies beyond the threshold. With this new found determination, we can do damage to our bodies.

However, even though we might consider ourselves experts in our respective sports and activities, we are novices at understanding how best to cope with the strains, sprains, pain and damage we might inflict upon our bodies.

We tend to mistreat, not treat, or undertreat. The most disheartening is when we either stop or compromise our regimes, thus halting and eroding our progress — hugely frustrating for anyone who’s put blood, sweat, time and tears into it.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about winning, it’s about what you did to get there. Deep Heat would be honoured to be part of that journey, to Keep you Going, to be a part of you achieving your goals!

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