Deep Heat Neck & Joint Patch

Deep Heat Neck & Joint Patch is a long lasting deep penetrating heat therapy that provides soothing relief from neck & joint pain for up to eight hours. Heat will penetrate affected muscle & joint area. This ultra-thin, flexible, two-pronged heating patch is air-activated & applies directly to the skin. The patch shape is specifically designed to allow freedom of movement. 


  • Patch is air-activated and begins to heat once opened. 
  • Adhesive applied across the patch keeps it firmly in place. 
  • This ultra-thin, light weight, flexible patch, has two heat cells which apply directly to the skin and allow freedom of movement. 
  • Deep penetrating heat therapy provides up to 8 hours of soothing relief in the neck & joint area. 
  • Odourless and discreet comfort. 

Recommended Selling Price – R 19.95